Welcome to "A Step Beyond". You can use the *Splash Page as your entry page if you'd like... or just use this page alone without an entry page... your choice.

This is a multi-layered set and the text color used here is #D6C190.  The font used on the buttons is: Black Chancery.  You're welcome to "view source" and copy the code for the page setup if you'd like. Just be sure to change the img src= to point to your own files.

The Terms of Use remain very simple...Please do not mix the pieces of this set with any other set(s).  Please do not alter the grapics in any way... and please provide a link back with the logo included with each set.  For your convenience - there's a ZIP FILE at the bottom of the page.

Those of us who enjoy making graphics and offer them for "free" to personal homepages - ask only that you honor these few simple requests.  Not much to ask in return for all the hours of work that go into them, huh!?  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Hope you find something you like. Enjoy!

Download Zip File Here