WELCOME.   This is a multi-layer set requiring a number of "nested tables". You're welcome to 'right click' and 'view source' to copy the HTML code I've used if you'd like.  Just remember to change the <img src> to your own files.

THE TERMS OF USE remain the same as always.
1. Do not mix the pieces of this set with any other set.
2. Do not alter these graphics in any way.
3. Provide a link back with the logo included in the set.
4. Not for use on Commercial sites or Adult Content sites.

The font used on the elements is called: Tuscany. The text color used here is: #C1B27D. You will find a ZIP FILE at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

Thank you very much for visiting my site and I hope you find something here to enjoy!


Download Zip File Here