Ahhhh... smell the cool freshness of dew... the soft moss and lush ferns of the deep forest....*sigh :-)

The font used for the elements is called: Cardinal Alternate. The text color is: #93AF25.

This looks like a multi-layer background set, but is actually a "framed set" requiring only 3 tables for the body (top - middle - and bottom) sections.   Personally, I think they are much easier to set up and use than the other "multi-layer" sets.  You're welcome to "view source" and copy the code if you'd like. Just remember to change the "image source" to your own files.


The Terms of Use remain the same for all my sets.

*Do Not mix the pieces of this set with any other set.
*Do Not alter the graphics in any way.
*My sets are not intended for "commercial" or "adult content" sites.

You'll find a Zip File at the bottom of the page for your downloading convenience.

I hope you find something here that you will like and enjoy!  Meanwhile... thank you very much for visiting my site!  I hope you will return often!
Whisper :-)


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