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Shadow Dancing

Ahhh, sweet scented evening ~
with full moon on the rise...
A million stars were blinking
in dark blue-velvet skies.

The garden gate stood open ~
while dew glistened on the grass...
It shimmered in the moonlight
like tiny drops of glass.

Leaves were lightly rustling
on those grand old trees....
and perfume from all the flowers
filled the evening breeze.

Those long, graceful shadows
soon began to fall,
...and mine was shadow-dancing
on your garden wall!

On tiptoes with arms outstretched,
I slowly started moving......
And as you watched my subtle dance ~
your glance was so approving!

An easy "glide" ~ then "turn & slide" ~
(your gaze is so appealing!)
Now "step & stay" ~ then "bend & sway" ~
(Oh, such a happy feeling!)

Don't watch me from your window, sir,
....come out and join my reeling.
Give yourself to this soft night~
....it has no walls or ceiling!

And as our "steps" become as one ~
just two souls intertwining...
We'll leave this message on the wall:
"Here, two hearts were shining!"

© Whisper

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