Village Square

Welcome to "The Square" and all the 'hustle-bustle'. This is where the Villagers meet each day to buy, sell, trade, barter or just socialize!

This is a multi-layer set using "nested tables". You're welcome to "view source" and copy the HTML code I used if you'd like. Just remember to change the "img src" to point to your own files.  The text color used here is # 5C563C. The font on the elements is called: Cardinal Alternate.

TERMS of use: remain the same for all sets.

*Do not mix the pieces of this set with any other set... and do not alter the graphics in any way. If you need an "adjustment"... please email me.

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These set are not intended for Commercial or Adult Content site... but for "family friendly" personal homepages only.

There is a ZIP FILE at the bottom of the page for your convenience. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find something here you like!!

Whisper :-)

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