leaf Welcometo the newest section of the "Castle".
Amid the tinkling of crystal chandliers and the murmur of castle excitement... you are cordially invited to attend the "Grand Opening".

Like a number of other people, I have often experienced difficulty in finding suitable graphics for "The Castle". When it comes to animations... I find that most are too "cartoon-like" or downright "silly" to be acceptable. As a result, decided to try making some graphics of my own. You will find general-type graphics as well as those that may be particularly suitable for your "Castle".

Besides Backgrounds Sets... I have also included a Furnishings section where you will find items to help decorate your "Castle".... everything from separate pieces to complete scenes.

Most recently, I have added some PSP 7 Tubes that are perhaps a bit more "elegant" than the usual. There are more to be added just as soon as I can get them up - so please check back often!!

I hope you enjoy this "new addition" to the Castle.

Good thoughts to you...