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Welcome!! I'm so glad you could make it!  Here, you'll find a variety of background sets for your enjoyment. Some are for the "Castle Dwellers" like myself...LOL. Others are of a more general design.

They are SETS... and therefore, the pieces in each "set" are not to be "mixed with other sets". They do not show well that way! Your page will just look "patched" and  uncoordinated...and I'll be "unhappy"  Thanks for understanding!

All sets are free to your personal homepages for just a "link back" to:   Each set provides its own logo.

WATER ANIMATIONS: (*click on Animations button below background sets.)

PSP 7 TUBES   "People" tubes (*included in the Furnishings Section below.)

HALLOWEEN GRAPHICS (*careful now, these are not your typical "cutsies" - see link below)

Newest Sets: (*click on index buttons below)

*Fairies & Flowers
*Main Gate
*Medieval Chivalry
*Antique Lace (optional animation)
*Blue Waltz (optional animation)


Dragonwyck Rich purples
with a Splash Animation Blue Waltz. Village Green Main Gate
Morning Glory Cotton Candy Rich Royal Blue & Silver ... Castle 
Theme, of course! Antique Lace Yours Truly
Silver Lion Blue Splendor Sleeping Beauty African Princess Crimson Starburst
The Tournament Black Gold A Step Beyond Moonlight Roses Soul Song
Village Square Medieval Chivalry Regally Red Castle Hall Shadow Dance
Gold Coach Royal Banners Imperial Blue Good Times Upon My Honor
Country Store CoralMermaid The Mermaid Crown Jewels Evening Glow
Keeper of the Stars Misty Moonlight Castle Green Crystal Blue The Musicale
My Thoughts Pretty As A Picture Soft Sable Sterling Silver Royal Garnet
Butterflies & Flowers Dragon Myst Knight Gallery Fairies & Flowers Coming Soon

Gold Coach

Click on the "Furnishings" button to decorate your own castle!!  You'll find Sofas, Chandeliers, Chairs, People, Complete Scenes, Lamps and More.... Come join the "Fun of Furnishing"!!

Furnishings Water Animations
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