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She was a phantom of delight when first she gleamed upon my sight;
A lovely apparition...And yet a spirit still and bright
with something of an Angel light...

© William Wordsworth

Now where were we...? Oh yes.......

"And each night ~ half-awake and half-dreaming...
he would think these silent thoughts to her....


The Prince
"I'll whisper to you of things most real,
if you'll bring yourself closer to me...
Softly tell you the feelings I feel,
And set all my secrets free!"

"Your voice as quiet as a Summer's breeze
dancing in morning light,
Speaks to me a "desire to please"
sending fancy on it's flight!"

The sound of you, so soft and low
rings loudly deep inside.
My deepest longings begin to grow
with thoughts of you by my side.

You stir in me some memory
of a love that I once knew...
And I wonder, gentle "Fairytale"...
Could that memory be of you?"

I've heard your whispers from afar
and I've seen your shadowy light...
Would you come down from your golden star
And speak to me this night?"

© Whisper


...and in his heart, she answers.....


Your words, kind sir, were very inviting,
They came on a butterfly's wing...
I found them quite lovely and softly exciting,
'Tis a blush to my cheek you did bring!

The world of a Whisper is lighter than air...
It's free and rides on a breeze.
In your dreams one night, as you're sleeping there,
You may know my desire to please.

I may drift through your window and linger awhile...
I may lightly dance 'round your head...
I may whisper a kiss to your sleeping smile,
I may pause awhile near your bed.

I may touch your pillow with sweet perfume,
Then whispering soft and low...
Leave a memory there to fill your room
Of some "whispers" from long ago.

© Whisper


And so it began....

Now each time he feels lonely or a little lost in the world...
he again calls to her with these silent thoughts...

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