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The PSP Tubes can be downloaded in PSP.tub format. I made them in PSP 7. Just click on the item(s) of your choice. They are shown here actual size. The tubes have no drop-shadows on them.   More tubes on the next page.

All furnishings can be re-sized to fit your "room". If any of my graphics or PSP Tubes will work for you, I'm happy to share them with you. Just "right click" and save them to your own hard drive. In exchange, I only ask a "link back'. You may use the logo and url above for your convenience.

PSP Tubes - Rooms/Scenes

These "before & after" pictures are an example of how I make some of my tubes. Often starting with a picture of an old piece of furniture, and then "restoring" it myself...LOL! You can download the Tubes I made from them if you'd like.


Table_01 Table_02 Table_03
Table_04 Table_05 Table_06

Sofas and Draperies and more tubes on the next page.


Red Chairs

Ahhhh yes... He rules the Castle!

...but she rules "him"...LOL

Omygosh! Somebody got his feelings hurt!

A smaller logo to use if you prefer - linked back to:

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