Fireplaces, Draperies, Mirrors and More"

Castle Graphics by Whisper

Page 3

Some of the scenes below are rather large and some are animated, so please be patient if the page takes just a bit to load... thanks!!

The tubes were made in PSP 7... just click on them to download the zip file.

Mirror-01 Mirror-02 mirror-03
Mirror-04 Mirror-05" Mirror-06"

Sofas shown smaller than actual size.

Draperies shown smaller than actual size, and were made entirely from scratch by me.

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Page 1aRooms - Scenes
Page 1b Rooms - Scenes
Page 1bb  Rooms 4U To Furnish
Page 2 Tubes: Crowns, clocks, candelabra, tables, chairs,etc.
Page 3Tubes: fireplaces, draperies, mirrors, sofas.
Page 4Tubes: chandeliers, wall sconces, benches, mini-art, rooms.
Page 5 Tubes: people tubes - knights, ladies, couples.
Page 6 more people tubes...
Page 7Tubes: castles, stained glass windows.