A Secret Room-Fairytales 2
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Wishing Star

Midnight Skies

I felt you call my name, dear one,
from somewhere far away...
and it touched me with a special warmth
to feel you speak this way.

It's only when your heart is quiet
that I can come to you...
And only when your world is still,
that you can hear me too.

So as you're sitting quietly there,
perhaps to dream awhile...
You may feel some soft quiet shadow
speak a whisper to your smile.

I will fill your heart with music,
sing you love-songs without number...
Then cover you with soft clouds
and stardust as you slumber.

I will reach up to the heavens,
borrow all the shades of blue...
Then weave them into 'loving thoughts'
and leave them there with you.

As I walk across the midnight skies
to think my thoughts anew...
I'll dim the sun, and hang the moon,
.....and light a star for you.

© Whisper

Light a Star



"My Sweet Dreamer"

I've asked the Angels to stand by, but stay just out of sight,
And play their harps with heaven's best, just for you tonight.

I've polished up the North Star, and set it bright and high,
that it may be the guide tonight and help my Dreamer fly!

I've fluffed up all my favorite clouds and cancelled out the noon,
I've told the stars to look their best, for you'll be coming soon!

I'll hold you close and sing our songs, speak of the sweetest things...
We'll paint rainbows and sunsets and dance on Saturn's Rings!

Ah, sweet Dreamer, spirit free _ hands firmly on the helm...
Kiss the wind and sail the sky - steer straight into my realm.

It's here your course is charted for - where hearts are strong & true...
Where only thoughts of love may live - and mine are full of you!

© Whisper


"The Garden"

I've made a place, a special 'nest' ~
from the 'world', sir, beg your pardon...
Then come away from all the rest
and sleep here in my Garden.

No earthly thing can find you here ~
no worry, fret or snare...
I'll watch over all your dreams
and hold you in my care.

I'll lay you on a mat of moss,
covered all in flowers...
I'll sing you golden love-songs
through this night so filled with hours.

Then as you're lying gently there,
before the sun should rise...
I'll warm myself in your sweet smile
and swim in your quiet eyes.

Our love will open flowers
that never bloom by day...
And all the joy that fills our hearts
will keep the clouds away.

Those lovely feathered touches,
those whispered kisses too,
Will still be yours tomorrow
when the sun collects the dew.

My garden now grows fairer
for having held you near...
The 'world' may call you back again,
but your essense is still here.

And all the words you spoke to me
were Treasures from down deep...
I've placed them safely in my heart,
Now they are mine to keep!

© Whisper

"...now they are mine to keep...shhhhh.."


"Island in the Sky"

I hear the wish you make each night
upon my shining star...
I know your voice and feel your touch,
no matter where you are.

Everywhere throughout my realm,
I seem to sense your presence...
The very sky around me seems
so filled with your sweet essence.

I watch the moon, so rich and full,
draped in shadowed lace...
But very soon, before my eyes,
it's face becomes your face!

I sit a bit upon a cloud
to hold your mem'ry near...
Its whispy softness all about
are whispers in my ear.

So sweet these thoughts you send me now,
so wistful your dear smile...
I think to steal your heart away
and dream with you awhile.

I send my Cloak of Moon & Stars,
and Wings that you may borrow...
So you can fly above the world
to where there's no 'tomorrow'.

And if perchance you seek me there,
or hear my gentle tune...
You'll find my island in the sky~
first right-turn past the moon.

© Whisper

Moon Island


Somehow beneath a star-filled sky,
Though the moon shone full and fair...
Someone was softly calling me
On the gentle midnight air.

Sweet fragrance of the evening,
Moonflowers, I thought perchance...
Yet in my soul a beckoning
To join in faery dance.

A gentle breeze caressed my cheeks
As if a part of nature's bliss...
Sweet Lady of the gossamer wings,
You thought to hide your tender kiss.

The dreams we shared as ne'er before
Were gifts more dear than gold,
And through that wonderous night devine,
My heart your wings did hold.

Then quietly as fair morning came,
Sweet rosey child of Dawn...
You whispered in my my sleeping ear,
I woke.... and you were gone.

Written for "Fairytale"
by: Rod Nichols



Blue Star

Blue Star

As I walked across the sky tonight,
I discovered someplace new...
I stumbled onto a lonely star
where all who lived were blue.
They didn't seem to notice me
as I passed among their ranks...
None were looking anywhere
and none were "giving thanks".

So long they'd lived on lonely thoughts
and looked nowhere but "down",
That none among them ever smiled,
but neither did they frown.
They seemed just empty shells
with eyes that could not see...
They lived only "in the past"
and wanted "used to be".

"Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers",
I thought into their hearts...
"Be not dismayed or broken
because you've made false-starts!"
There is no "map" to happiness -
no "charts" or compass true...
We all have made our "detours" -
but don't let it "get to you".

A "wrong turn" need not take you far,
if you don't make it so...
You only have to "turn around"
and "let the shadows go".
Come out into the moonlight -
see such beauty all around...
Too long you've let your wounded soul
look nowhere else but "down".

Look up, Dear Fellow Traveler,
see the magic in all things...
So long you've walked with sadness,
you forgot that you had wings!!
Stand up! Stand tall...
and spread those lovely "feathers"...
Refuse to be a "prisoner"
and shed those "phantom tethers"!!

No "blue star" can hold you
with my wind beneath your wings...
Just close your eyes - release the bonds,
and you can do all things!
And as you're soaring bright and high -
glance back a time or two...
You'll see there is no "blue star" -
just me smiling back at you.

© Whisper




A dream?? Not so! ... for she is truly there,
She runs her long pale fingers slowly through your hair.

That "Soft Song" saw you sleeping and touched her strings of gold...
She whispered gently in your ear new love-songs made from old.

Your spirit woke to greet her and answered her sweet songs...
You held her in your heart and soul ~ that's where a "Song" belongs.

With her music wrapped around you, she sang all through the night...
Her song were all you'd longed for ~ they filled you with delight.

Once again beside you with all her veils unfurled...
You know it's not a dream at all... it's just 'a Whisper's world'......

Music playing titled: "Hope"
Original Music © by Margi Harell
Used with Permission.

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