Welcome to this very Special Room.

This is "Laurie's Room"... and I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to her.

Laurie is a very remarkable lady I met via the "Internet" and through Serenity Webring and who has since become my "cyber-sister"and steady friend.

Her mischevious sense-of-humor and "quick wit" keep me constantly amazed and amused! She is a very open, warm, sincere, caring, loving and multi-talented lady as well as a "wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother" to a family of very lucky people!! Now maybe you can just begin to imagine how "lucky" I feel to have also been included into her "circle of love & friendship".

These "thoughts" are for you, Laurie... with much love....

"Special"is a word
that is used to describe
something one-of-a-kind...
like a hug
or a sunset
or a person who spreads love
with a smile or kind gesture.
"Special" describes people
who act from the heart
and keep in mind the hearts of others.
"Special" applies to something
that is admired and precious
and which can never be replaced.
"Special" is the word that best
describes you.

by Teri Fernadez


You know....
there is no wealth
but in the feelings we give
and the feelings we receive.
And friendship
is the greatest gift
we have among us.

Alexander Balfour


The other half of the lovely locket can be found on Laurie's site. Visit her by clicking on the Friendship link below... and be ready to "smile" at the warmth and humor in her pages!!