The following poems were written by my  brother... for his granddaughters.  The first was "Melissa" who was 7 years old at the time... she's now "all grown up".

The "7 year old" mark became a kind of "tradition". On each granddaughter's 7th birthday thereafter, my brother wrote them "their own special poem".

The second granddaughter was Brianna, who was 2 years old at the time of her adoption - and now has "a special poem" of her own.

There's a third adopted granddaughter, Rosie, for whom my brother recently wrote "her special poem" as well.  

Beyond that bit of background...I think the poems speak for themselves. So special were they to me when I read them, that I gave them this "Special Room" in the castle.  And now, I'd like you to meet my brother.....

A Grandfather's Poem

for: Melissa

It was from the moment you entered my life,
So tiny and helpless and new...
That nothing would ever again be the same,
Only  better; for now there was you.

How could I know as I looked at you then,
That old feelings would find a new start?
Or in time you'd remind me of memories long past,
Or how deeply you'd enter my heart?

Just watching you grow was a marvelous sight,
As you toddled and learned how to walk.
Then I watched in amazement as time slipped away,
And like magic, you started to talk.

The touch of your tiny hand clinging to mine,
Formed a bond that would last like no other.
Giving rise to the memories I'd long since forgotten
Of the same things I'd felt for your mother.

With a certain perception that grandfathers have,
I was always able to see,
The warm summer breezes and the scent of the rose,
That abounded when you were with me.

Just seeing the warmth of the light in your eyes,
And the billowy bounce of your curls,
Confirmed without question, that deep in my heart,
Was a soft spot for all little girls.

As time slipped away and you started school,
My adoration just grew...
For you learned all so quickly, each thing that you tried,
Learning much more than I ever knew.

So it was, that I marveled while watching you grow,
Perhaps one day to be a young wife.
Still, long I'll remember those earliest years,
When you lightened and brightened my life.

Though years bring upon us all manner of tune,
The sweetest of songs are unsung...
But these memories for all my tomorrows I'll keep,
For the warmth of their glow keeps me young.

No one can know all the love that I felt,
In the warmth of your tender embrace.
Or the fondest of memories kept with me still,
That the passage of time can't erase.

A grandfather's love is forever,
It is patient and caring and true...
And it's mellowed by sharing with three special girls...
Your nanny... your mother... and you.

So I opened my heart, as I opened my arms,
Now whenever is whispered my name...
Know that I'm with you wherever you go...
And so thankful into them, you came.

© GKO~1991

A Grandfather's Poem

for: Brianna

I remember the first time I saw you,
So tiny and fragile and new.
With outstretched arms you came to me,
A bright little bundle of two.

As I held you near, you consoled me,
With a pat of your hand on my back,
As if to say, it would all be okay,
You were "home" and would never "look back".

Seeing you grow was a challenge,
In all that you did, day by day...
With barely a fear, an occasional tear,
You'd usually "ignore all we'd say."

But love was always around you,
From then you were never alone,
Which no doubt gave you the confidence,
To act with a mind "all your own".

I saw a mind so quick to learn,
And a heart so slow to mend...
A face reflecting varied moods,
And a "will" that would not bend.

But as the seasons unfolded,
I watched the days come and go...
And marveled at all that you mastered,
Took pleasure in watching you grow.

With tender care and love to spare,
You mellowed as time slipped away...
With each passing year, you calmed all our fear,
To be never more loved than today.

Though not of my blood and not of my bone,
So special you were from the start...
Grown not from your mother in nature's way,
I watched as you grew in her heart.

How fortunate now, that I have you,
My granddaughter always to be...
Creating the memories that time can't erase,
To carry forever with me.

The blessing I've known have been endless,
And I count them each day anew.
I cannot imagine how empty they'd be,
If some hadn't been shared with you.

Let time erase any echos past,
And troubles all take flight,
So lollipops and rainbows,
Can fill your dreams each night.

Sharing your life, as grandfathers will,
And seeing your tiny eyes shine,
Still makes me wonder whose heart you hold most,
Your parents, or nanny's or mine.

© GKO - 1999

A Grandfather's Poem

for: Rosie

You came to me a stranger,
As tiny as a toy.
And in no time, you stole my heart,
Then filled our home with joy.

Your smile was most contagious,
For all the world to see.
And with an infantís innocence,
You raised your arms to me.

With bright brown eyes that mesmerized,
You won me with your charms.
And melted my emotions,
While cradled in my arms.

Through a vale of apprehension,
An elderís eyes could see,
The seeds of great potential,
Of all that you could be.

While asleep upon my shoulder,
I felt our hearts entwine.
And if my prayers be answered,
Your future will be fine.

I watched you grow and marveled,
At all the things you learned.
With young enthusiasm,
To fill a mind that yearned.

I saw a young heart filled with love,
And a spirit filled with glee.
As seasons pass me one-by-one,
They keep reminding me,

That dreams are wishes, unfulfilled,
And I have wishes, too.
Mine are that you dream each day,
And that they all come true.

Though not of my blood you descended,
How special you were from the start.
Grown not from your mother in natureís way,
I watched as you grew in her heart.

How fortunate now, that youíre here with me,
My granddaughter always to be.
Creating the memories that time canít erase,
To carry forever with me.

As I count my blessings every day,
I realize how nice,
It is to have you on my list,
In fact, I count you twice.

Sharing your life, as grandfatherís will,
I want you to know from the start,
That Iím with you in memory wherever you are,
And youíre always here in my heart.


Thanks,"Dody" ...
(that's what I called my brother when we were very little, and I could not yet pronounce is

Who could have even guessed "way back then" that some day we'd both have grandchildren and dabble in writing poetry?! Who knew!?!  In any event, thanks again for sharing a bit more of your "special magic".

Love to all of you...
( that's what he called me when he was still too little to pronounce my name either! lol!)

Music playing: "Morning Glow"

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