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The Mask

You speak to me in rainbows
and blend them into song...
Your voice becomes "sweet melodies"
to last my whole life long.

Your kisses promise Springtime,
and all that's yet to be...
Your breath's as warm as Summer
in the sand beside the sea.

No mask can hide the richness
of a soul so fine as yours...
Cannot conceal a face so fair,
and one my heart adores.

Nor ever block from view
the stars there in your eyes...
For all your Grace and Magic, sir,
there's truly no disguise.

To dream you're here beside me,
your body lean and taunt...
Fills me so with yearning ~
such longing ~ Oh, such want!

No mask could ever cover
the fire that burns within...
You're my music of the night,
and I'm your violin.

© Whisper

"What I Loved Was You"

I looked upon the gilded wood,
glistening in the morning dew;
Stood there stunned,
those mighty Oaks...
but what I loved in them was you.

I looked up in the afternoon,
those clouds against the golden hue;
sat mesmerized
by the sun...
but what I loved in them was you.

I looked upon the moonlit sky,
that enchanted shade of blue...
My eyes in awe
beheld the stars...
but what I loved in them was you.

I, at last, thought upon
the girls I've loved, though few...
each had a trait
so sublime...
but what I loved in them was you.

© Ivoltaire


There are some people
to whom you can say "hello"
and get a cherished smile.

There are some people
with whom you can talk
and get laughter rich and free.

and then...
there are special ones
with whom you can cry ~ pleases me, my friend,
that you are all three.

© Sharon T. Salter